The Co.nstrained Crea.tions Collec.Tive gathers artists from different disciplines interested into the exploration of constrained improvisations.

Starting from the concept of free improvisation – a form of music that does not entail predetermined rules nor idiomatic connotations – we challenge our practice through the imposition of piece-wise constraints. As opposed to the definition of a structure, constraints push us out of our artistic comfort zone and hinder the retreat to known patterns.

This approach is then extended to different forms of expression, with a twofold purpose: first, to foster experimentalism, develop personal style, defy our mastery of instruments and bodily expression; second, to help us tell a story to the audience, so as to offer also to non-artists a breach over the complex domain of creative improv.


Past Events:

Art After Dark Remix with CO.CREA.TIVE – July 20, 2017 @ Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC

Co.Crea.Tive Presents: Together Untrained – July 8, 2017 @ Café Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC

Co.Crea.Tive Presents: Extremely Constrained – June 24, 2017 @ Selectors’ Records, Vancouver, BC

Co.Crea.Tive Presents: RE-UN-SOLVED: a night of experimental interdisciplinary acts; “constraint” as atmosphere – March 23, 2017 @ Stylus Records, Vancouver, BC