Fantastic Fun Zone

Fantastic Fun Zone, created by Little Fish Productions, is a twenty minute all-ages contemporary dance and physical theatre performance. It follows the story of two neighbours who meet and enter a large circle made of colourful rope. They jump, shuffle, hop, scuttle, leap, mosey, stroll, dash, prance, zig-zag, slink and twirl through a series of adventures, experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. These characters explore the edges of the confined space they find themselves in while developing a deeper understanding of one another and their boundaries. The work is a quest for human connection and joy, derived from a time where physical distancing from others was a necessary reality. Musician Nathan Marsh animates the Fantastic Fun Zone with guitar, mandolin, harmonica and a shiny party whistle. Costume designer Sasha Schaepe has created beautiful and sustainable garments and objects that bring childlike play and wonder to the world. While sitting or standing in a circle outdoors, the audience will have the opportunity to connect to the performers, the fun zone, the music and each other in this brief moment of togetherness.

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