Sonic Playground: 2018-2019

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, 6 students from Burnaby North Secondary School’s Music and Technology program, led by Vancouver-based sound artist Nathan Marsh, came together to create the Blank Canvas Society, a collective of young artists mandated to the education and promotion of emerging artists in the Lower Mainland. This year, the students worked towards curating a concert specifically for students and emerging artists.

On February 28, 2019, Blank Canvas Society hosted its first concert at the Western Front: a series of performances by local hip-hop sensation Kimmortal (Kim Villagante), experimental dream-pop duo Phuture Memoriez (Marc Blaquiere and Jessica Blaquiere), and up-and-coming pop singer Kendra Dias with producer and electronic musician nvY (Csaba Laszlo). The students hosted a Q & A session with the artists after each performance, asking each artist about their experiences with music, both artistically and in the industry, for the benefit of the emerging artists in attendance.

As an extension of the project, the students have completed a series of works designed as “graphic scores” for this exhibition. This work is the Blank Canvas Society’s first group exhibition.


  • Adrian Minic
  • Alice Wang
  • Hoky Hsu
  • Julia Ramsey
  • Meckayla Madhavan
  • Serena Dong

Photo Credits: Evens Wong

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