Play Nice: Musical collisions between humans and intelligent machines

Concert: Friday July 28, 2017 @ Gold Saucer Studio (207 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC)

Nathan is performing improvised prepared guitar with musebots created by Vancouver-based composers and coders Arne Eigenfeldt, Matthew Horrigan, Paul Paroczai and Yves Candau in the concert Play Nice: Musical collisions between humans and intelligent machines.

From the show’s website:

Musebots are intelligent musical agents that composers and coders are using to explore musical creativity. What does it mean to be creative? What does it mean to have a digital creative partner? Can you code a simple machine to produce some unexpected music?

This is the first concert in the world that features musebots in collaboration with humans. Previously, they jammed on their own, happy to share their desires and intentions with each other; now they are going to be forced to respond to humans.

We promise to fail, along with the musebots. When pushing the envelope, there will be resistance. Come watch us struggle.

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