Rainbow Forecast Project

The Rainbow Forecast Project, is a non-profit art and community initiative founded by Alanna Ho in 2016. The project aims to share ideas on alternative curricula, and children’s stories through new media and contemporary art spaces. POP-UP PLAY workshops are curated temporary happenings, full of colour, sound experimentation and collaborative games and play. Anyone is welcome to join, and all POP-UP PLAY activities are suitable for ages 3+.

Expression is a need for every child; but nourishing creativity and building interest in learning new territory it is in our hands as educators.

Collectively, Alanna and I have a great passion for mentoring and teaching young children using combined methods for music and art. As practicing artists in various mediums, we heavily involve our experimental approaches in creating interdisciplinary curricula. We specialize in teaching younger children ages 3+, as well as adults. There is a heavy emphasis on collaboration and play in our classes.


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