Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons done differently.

Who Am I?

My name is Nathan Marsh and I have been teaching guitar lessons for five years in Parks and Recreation programs throughout the Lower Mainland. I hold a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Music Composition from Simon Fraser University, and I am currently an Artist Mentor working in the Burnaby North Secondary School’s Music and Technology Program. My entire educational and experiential background thus far has consisted of music and education, and I attempt to combine the two fields into one fluid artistic practice.

As a community-engaged artist, I consider education to be part-and-parcel of my artistic practice rather than a standalone endeavor to supplement my income. I stand by a few things in my teaching process:

  • Free, customized pedagogical guitar materials – I have crafted my own custom lesson structure during my time as a guitar instructor for both the Corporation of Delta and the City of Surrey and throughout my undergraduate degree. This structure can be customized to the needs and wants of each individual student and is accessible via a password-protected shared folder. You never need to purchase expensive materials ever again.
  • Composition and Creation – I teach my students not only how to use the guitar, but also how to apply their technical skills to create their own musical work.
  • Music Technology – an intimidating, yet highly necessary, skill-set for any aspiring musician is the ability to record and produce one’s own music – whether you’re making a demo recording for portfolio usage or a full-fledged album. I teach these skills to students who are interested in taking their musical skills to the next level.



I use a combination of traditional teaching techniques as well as my own innovations in order to create custom curricula for each and every student of every possible level. I do not require students to purchase books or follow any set curriculum, instead I post all of my teaching materials online in a password-protected file sharing format, free and accessible to each and every student.

I integrate composition and improvisation from the very beginning of my teaching. For example, as my students learn new chords and/or scales, they will be asked to compose their own chord progressions and melodies with them. Using musical theory in a practical way is undoubtedly the best way to retain the information, and it also teaches students to apply open-minded and creative concepts to music, and to general life on a much larger scale.

Furthermore, with my academic and experiential background in acoustic and electroacoustic music composition and production, I aim to teach prospective musicians how to navigate the various nuances of the modern music world. From learning modern recording techniques to the craft of digital music composition, I can introduce a framework for learning that goes far beyond simply learning how to play the guitar.

Feel free to contact me at to inquire about private music instruction, to discuss my method or to view samples of my customized teaching materials.

Extra Resources:

I have conducted copious amounts of academic research in the field of modern musical pedagogy under Professor Emeritus of Acoustic Communication at Simon Fraser University and electroacoustic music pioneer Barry Truax. To read my essay on what I term, “Secondary Musicality” after Walter Ong’s communicational term “secondary orality”, click on the link below. This work was presented as part of the Simon Fraser University Faculty for Communications, Art and Technology’s 2016 Undergraduate Conference.

Nathan Marsh – Secondary Musicality Essay